Reisser Powerbohr SDS-Plus Hammer Drill Bit

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SDS-PLUS HAMMER BITS are manufactured to exacting standards by one of only 13* manufacturers worldwide inspected by the PGM and allowed to use their trade mark. The PGM mark is your guarantee of precisely drilled holes for a stable anchor fixing. Quality hammer drills which offer excellent performance at a reasonable cost.

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10.0 x 160mm, 10.0 x 210mm, 12.0 x 210mm, 14.0 x 210mm, 16.0 x 210mm, 4.0 x 160mm, 5.0 x 160mm, 5.5 x 160mm, 6.0 x 160mm, 6.0 x 210mm, 6.0 x 260mm, 6.5 x 160mm, 6.5 x 210mm, 7.0 x 210mm, 8.0 x 160mm, 8.0 x 210mm, 8.0 x 260mm

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