Reisser HSS Ground DIN338 Jobber Drill

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(Wallet 2 pcs) 1.5mm, (Wallet 2 pcs) 2.0mm, (Wallet 2 pcs) 2.5mm, (Wallet 2 pcs) 3.0mm, (Wallet 2 pcs) 3.2mm, (Wallet 2 pcs) 3.5mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 4.0mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 4.2mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 4.5mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 4.8mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 5.0mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 5.5mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 6.0mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 6.5mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 7.0mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 8.0mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 10.0mm, (Wallet 1 pcs) 12.0mm

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