C24 Untreated Timber

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Untreated C24 strength timber is perfect for situations where wet and damp will not be a major factor affecting the timber

C24 timber has been graded to a higher standard than C16. It’s a premium piece of timber that can handle higher loads and wider spans.

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47x50mm (2×2") in 3.6m, 47x50mm (2×2") in 4.8m, 47x75mm (3×2") in 2.4m, 47x75mm (3×2") in 3m, 47x75mm (3×2") in 3.6m, 47x75mm (3×2") in 4.8m, 47x100mm (4×2") in 2.4m, 47x100mm (4×2") in 3.6m, 47x100mm (4×2") in 4.8m, 47x125mm (5×2") in 3m, 47x150mm (6×2") in 3m, 47x150mm (6×2") in 3.6m, 47x150mm (6×2") in 4.2m, 47x150mm (6×2") in 4.8m, 47x200mm (8×2") in 3.6m, 47x200mm (8×2") in 4.8m, 47x225mm (9×2") in 4.8m, 47x175mm (7×2) in 4.8m

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